I am a musician and writer living in Maryland with my husband, artist/musician/writer/illustrator Steven Archer. More specifically, I am the co-writer & singer for the dark electro-rock band Ego Likeness (Metropolis Records), and have written a novel and two collections of poetry, as well as several illustrated collaborations with Steven Archer. I am in love with many, many things, most of them bizarre.


Isabel Burning (Paperback & Hardcover, Raw Dog Screaming Press 2008)

Isabel Burning (Special Edition, Raw Dog Screaming Press 2008)

Ladies & Other Vicious Creatures (Limited Edition, Raw Dog Screaming Press 2007)

Twenty-Six: An Uncommon Book of ABCs (Handmade, Limited Edition 2004)

In My Mouth (Out of Print 2000)

Discography as Ego Likeness

Breedless (Metropolis Records RELEASE DATE: 2010)

West: The Compass EPs (Limited Edition, Egotrip 2008)

The Lowest Place on Earth (Single, Egotrip 2008)

South: The Compass EPs (Limited Edition, Egotrip 2007)

The Order of the Reptile (Dancing Ferret Discs 2006)

Water to the Dead (Dancing Ferret Discs 2004)

Dragonfly (Angelfall/ Egotrip 2000, DFD re-release 2005)

Songs From a Dead City (Demo, Egotrip 1999)

Discography as The Trinity Project

The Subtle Movements of the Entropy Engine (Egotrip 2002)

The Trinity Project I (Egotrip 2001)