Out of the cave, back into the light…

It’s been a long, dark, chaotic, and painful couple of years. In that time, some good things were born, but were in no condition -much like their creators- to thrive on their own. Until now.

My novella, Driving Through the Desert, was released in April through Thunderstorm Books. Two young kids journey to hell and back without ever leaving Nevada.

An exclusive EL track, “Infidel”, was released last month on the Electronic Saviors 2 compilation (Metropolis Records). An incredibly worthwhile cause and about a gajillion hours worth of killer industrial music by…well, everyone.

Ego Likeness has been raising funds (thanks to our amazing fans) through Kickstarter, and will be re-releasing our first (near impossible to find) album Dragonfly. All kinds of bonuses and packages. Please check it out!

The final Compass EP, EAST, is now available for pre-order and will be shipping in JUNE. We owe you guys a lot for making you wait so long, so it’s actually more of a full-length, than an EP. Two brand new EL tracks, a cover, and seven incredible remixes by Komor Kommando, Terrorfakt, Angelspit, Bella Morte, ThouShaltNot, The Dark Clan, and Rick Burnett.

Look for an upcoming single, “Treacherous Thing”, and the new full-length, Know Thine Enemy, later this year.

EL will be performing a great deal this year. Check the website or FB pages for shows and tour info.

Voodoo Press will be releasing the German edition of Isabel Burning later this year, and the Isabel Burning prequel will be out early 2013 on Raw Dog Screaming Press.

So many other projects in the works, I can hardly keep my days straight, but when it rains it pours, and I’ll take a flood over a drought any day.

Thank you, friends and fans, for your patience and support and love. Time to thrive.

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