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My name is Donna and this is my blog, as the kids say. I’m not very fond of that word; I think because it isn’t very lyrical, but such is life. I’m  not very computer savvy, not particularly political, nor do I live a life filled with absolutes. I don’t enjoy complaining about society, or pop culture, or traffic, or the weather, or gas prices, my job, or reality television.

In fact, other than the occasional, but inevitable, sabotage by faulty brain chemistry, my life is exactly what I want. I have a very strong and loving marriage. I write books, and make music and travel with my partner. When my life settles into a routine I’m not pleased with, I work to change it.

Well, goody for you, jerk, you might be thinking.

But it’s not all rainbows and tiny magical ponies made of gold. You see, the reason I don’t often complain about the world around me is because the worst offender of all lives in my head. Years of therapy and currently, Lexapro, have worked wonders, but the storm is always brewing; the tape is always looping. This is my OCD existence (colloquially- crazy brain). I know now, at thirty-five, that I will probably never be able to function properly without medication, and I am ok with this.

So, here I am. I take my pills and do my best to keep the loops focused on things that I love, because if I don’t, the tapes will play some very ugly, very terrifying things. And they will not stop until I have become ugly, too.

Consequently, I am compelled to love many things. Some, very lovable (baby goats). Others, not so much (abandoned quarries). But these things are what save me. I weave them into the things I make, and around me like a blanket. My husband is a gracious soul because he agreeably lives in this nest of maps, and mines, bizarre animals, fairy tales, books, hidden rivers, haunted places, biological anomalies, and varied religious icons with me, and seems to feel quite at home with it all. Our mythologies, it turns out, are not so different. We drink from the same well.

So, in writing this, I’d hoped to figure out exactly what purpose this blog will serve, and I suppose I have. This will be the place where I write about the things that keep me sane and happy to be in the world. There are many, so there should be no shortage of words here. I just hope there will still be enough time for me to post obsessively on Facebook.